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Latex Balloons

What's a party without balloons? We carry latex balloons in a rainbow of colors and mylar (foil) balloons for all occasions including birthdays, oversize number balloons, new baby, welcome home, congratulations and others. We fill our balloons with 100% helium because we want to be sure balloons float as long as possible. 

In addition to walk-in orders we are happy to take your balloon order in advance for easy pick up the day of your event. We can accept orders by phone with a credit card payment. 

Please plan to pick up your balloons as close to your event as possible to ensure they look their best. Our latex balloons will last at least 8-12 hours depending upon weather conditions. If you need them to last longer, or want to pick up them up early we can add Hi-Float to your balloon for $0.30 per latex balloon. Balloons with Hi-Float will last anywhere from several days to several weeks. Mylar balloons last at least a week, if not longer.

Solid Color Latex Balloons

Solid Color latex balloons are $1.20 each or $11.99 per dozen.

Ruby Red

Tangerine Orange

Sunshine Yellow

Emerald Green

Sapphire Blue

Amethyst Purple

Crystal Clear

Hot Pink



Carnation Pink

Pastel Yellow

Lime Green

Sky Blue



Royal Blue




Happy Birthday Printed

$1.50 each or $15.99 per dozen

Mylar Balloons

We carry over 100 styles of mylar balloons. Please come in to see our full assortment.

Customer Provided Balloons and Mylar Balloon Refills

We do offer helium inflation for customer provided balloons. Prices vary depending upon the size of the balloon. Below are the guidelines we use for determining price of helium for balloons we do not carry in our store, however please note this is a guide only and a final determination will be made once we are able to see your balloon.

Please also note that we cannot be responsible if provided balloons pop during inflation and are unable to offer any replacement.

Balloon Size and Type Price for Helium Inflation
11" or 12" Latex Balloon $1.00
16" Latex Balloon $3.75
18" Confetti Balloon w/ Assembly $8.00
30" Round Latex Balloon We cannot inflate latex balloons this size.
36" Round Latex Balloon We cannot inflate latex balloon this size.
18" Round/Heart/Square Mylar Balloon $2.00
Jumbo Number Mylar Balloons $5.50
Mylar Balloon Shapes up to 30" $2.25-$5.50
Mylar Balloon Shapes 29" and up $5.50 and up